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About Us

  • We are an all-volunteer rescue.  We do not have a shelter or facility.  All of our rescue animals are with individual foster homes.

  • Our volunteers have dedicated much of their life to  animals in need.  There is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of our rescues.

  • Once an animal is in our care, they will always have a home  with us.  We will perform our due-diligence to select the very best home for our rescues.  Should the adopter have an emergency or can no longer properly care for the animal, the animal will come back to our rescue.  We will always take our rescues back to ensure their safety.

  • All animals will be fully vetted prior to adoption.  Adopters will receive copies of all medical records.  On occasion, there are exceptions when puppies are too young to alter.  Also, if the dog is undergoing heartworm treatment, the adopter could likely foster-to-adopt through the treatment.  We follow a process for any exceptions and will work closely with the adopter during the pending medical/transition timeframe.

  • We operate solely on donations and adoptions fees.  We do not have any paid staff.

  • Rescued Hearts Sarasota is a new, small dog rescue, but we are certainly not new to rescuing dogs.  As a team, we have many years of rescue experience.  Starting a new rescue is a tremendous amount of work and a total team effort. It is a collective effort from individuals who truly care about the dogs and give of themselves.  We are still a work in progress!  For today, please know:

  • We will always provide excellent care for our dogs and we will strive to make the very best adoption selections on their behalf.  We are their only voice. There is nothing more important than the safety and well being of our foster dogs.

There is never any light at the end of the tunnel in rescue. We appreciate your support. It is a team effort including all of you, our Facebook and website friends and family.  Please join us on this journey together.

A huge, “Thank you” to the individuals who have worked diligently
to create the starting point of this rescue.

Board of Directors



Intake coordinator/foster/board member



Former adopter/foster/board member who is our webmaster and administrator of Facebook. Shirah also serves on the board and brings not only technical knowledge, but a solid foundation of business structure. Thank you for always being there!



Former adopter/foster/board member who has handled all the legal paperwork, filing, government forms, follow-up and a hundred phone calls to the IRS to establish the new rescue. Patti has been invaluable to the startup of the new rescue. She has done a great deal of research about 501c3 and ensuring its legal processes. As a rescue, we will always do the right thing. Thank you for taking all of this on.

Meet the Rest of the Team


  • Diane (former adopter/foster) who has jumped in behind the scenes and assisted with administration help.  She texts daily with, “What can I help with today”?  Again, selfless acts of kindness! Thank you.

Foster Homes

Transport Volunteers

  • Thank you to our wonderful foster homes and transport volunteers.  We could not do any of this without you!


  • Karen (former adopter) who learned of the new rescue and immediately called to offer her services to design/create our website.  Thank you for your selfless acts of kindness and your time given. So many hours. Great job starting from ground zero.

Dr. Jason Marano

  • Dr.  Jason Marano and his incredible staff! (Rescue veterinarian).  Dr.  Marano is not only a phenomenal veterinarian, but he supports the effort of rescue.  He places value on the lives of our foster dogs, dogs who have been thrown away. Because of Dr Jason Marano and his amazing staff, it allows us to do what we do.  Again, it is a team effort and we appreciate Dr. Marano for helping us, help the dogs!  Thank you for always being there.


  • Eric (former adopter) who has an abundance of technical expertise and created our new logo and Facebook. Who would have thought becoming a first time dog owner you would support such a worthy cause. Your logo has received many, many compliments.  Great job on creating logo and Facebook.  Thank you.


  • Kristeen (former adopter) who also learned of new rescue and immediately called to offer her services of creativity, marketing and mentorship.  Her Facebook banners, cartoons, exchange of conversations and abundance of knowledge, have greatly assisted getting our new Facebook off the ground.  Thank you for bringing so much to the table.

The Rescuer's Pledge:

The rest of your life, will be the best of your life.  We will honor and treasure you.  We are your only voice.  We will protect you, to ensure your future will be in loving, safe arms.

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