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Adoption Criteria

  • ​Completed on-line adoption/foster application

  • In-depth interview and in-home visit.

  • We are located in Sarasota, Florida.  We do not adopt out-of-state.  We strive to keep our rescues within a fifty-mile radius.

  • Solid vet reference with prior pet history to include proof of heartworm prevention, and consistent, routine care.

  • We do not adopt into a home where there are other unaltered animals.

  • If potential adopter is living in a rental, will require landlord permission and verification.

  • Rescue reserves the right to refuse adoption for any reason in the best interest of the dog.

The Rescuer's Pledge:

The rest of your life, will be the best of your life.  We will honor and treasure you.  We are your only voice.  We will protect you, to ensure your future will be in loving, safe arms.

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